In the darkest of places you need a torchbearer ……

In the swamp of grief following the catastrophic and avoidable death of our much loved daughter, Sally, in 2014 and the searing, relentless pain of the aftermath, it has been almost impossible to conceive of anything that could be construed as remotely positive from Sally’s death or the circumstances into which we were subsequently conscripted. In the darkest of places one craves a chink of light or a torchbearer.

Suzanne and Gordon Haigh and their family have carried a torch for Sally and supported her in life together with her memory over the past six years. They have found and carried the torch for us all when we were in total darkness and devoid of all light. They have not only supported Sally and us, but so many others through their frequent fundraising efforts and charitable endeavours.

Tomorrow is the London Marathon 2020, very different this year for the majority of runners because of Covid-19. All but elite athletes will be able to  participate in a “virtual” London Marathon and run the 26.2 miles in their own locality, whilst still being able to receive a London Marathon Medal on completion. Suzanne (unfortunately Gordon is injured) will be running the marathon tomorrow in Sally’s memory. She will carry Sally in her heart every step of the way as they had often talked about doing the marathon together.

Words cannot express our gratitude for everything Suzanne and Gordon have done for us as a family and to support so many others by their remarkable endeavours.

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