What happened

In the 72 hours prior to her death, Sally called 999 eight times with an ambulance attending on each occasion; attended A&E five times, spoke to her Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) and psychotherapist numerous times and was seen by the Crisis Service on three separate occasions. On the last of these, Sally begged to be admitted to hospital for a short inpatient stay which was supported by both her CPNs and her psychotherapist and was specifically highlighted in her care plan as a short term measure to support her when in crisis. Ultimately, she was refused admission and when, in her distress, she began to bang her head on the wall and then self-ligate, the police were called and she was ejected from the Crisis Service, Miranda House, Hull and returned, by the police, home where she lived alone.

Two hours later Sally was dead. In her desperation she had dialled 999 for help, only for Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) to take 99 mins from call to arrival. They were too late to save her life. (see HDM Inquest reports in “Fight for Truth & Justice” section)

What happened to Sally and what has happened to those that loved her since her death, is an appalling reflection on the state of mental health services nationally as the huge number of families in our position fighting for truth and justice across the UK demonstrates. Perhaps it is no coincidence that Sally’s diagnosis of BPD/EUPD considerably increased the likelihood of such treatment by Humber Crisis Service. Academic  research and the experience of those afforded this highly controversial “diagnosis” together with their families,  all support the fact that it is a label which encourages professionals to far too readily dismiss people as not having a mental illness but rather a seriously flawed personality which they often claim is untreatable. This has led to a widespread negative culture, evidence of which is demonstrated  by mental health professionals through the denial of services, dismissal of symptoms of acute trauma and distress, and physical and psychological abuse.

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