Six years ago today it was Sally’s funeral – 7th August 2014 …..

A friend writes:

The eulogy from Sally’s Mum will haunt me for the rest of my days.

I will never forget the way that I felt when Angela stood up at her vibrant and beloved 22 year old daughter’s funeral, I will never know how she found the strength to read the most powerful, sobering and beautiful eulogy. Watching my dear friend, Sally’s Mum standing there crushed me, watching someone you love and deeply admire deliver the most harrowing speech of their lives, changes you forever. Knowing that part of them died too that day and that there are no magic words, no amount of love or friendship that could ever make a difference or help them. In a split second, nothing will ever be the same again.

Sally’s dad, Andy wrote his own very moving and heart wrenching tribute to Sal, his only daughter. His words told the story of happy days, of Sal’s very happy childhood and his love for Sally in those words was palpable. I cannot begin to imagine their pain, that day and every other day. Sal’s Mum, Dad and brother now live in a parallel universe, where everything looks the same but absolutely nothing will ever be the same again. The invisible line that was drawn the day Sal died, her preventable death due to the negligence and cruel abuse by those that swore an oath to protect her, their lives now determined by that exact moment when their lives changed forever, the day their life sentence began.

We miss you Sal, we will remember you today as always, August 7th is a poignant day for us, we will never forget the day that we were all forced to say goodbye to you at only 22 years old.

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