Today is your 31st birthday Sally …..

Today is your 31st birthday, Sal, and it is hard to believe that it is eight and a half years since you left us. It seems so long since that beautiful day in July 2014 when we went on what, I had no inkling at the time, would be our last outing together to Burnby Hall. I could never have imagined that a week later our world would have shattered and I would be arranging your funeral. Many similar happy days linger in my memory, a constant reminder of the fact that life can be unpredictable, brutal and short.

The time since we were together may lengthen but our love for you does not diminish. Time is not a great healer for those who lose a child in catastrophic circumstances. You are constantly in our thoughts. We reflect on the past and wonder about what the future, so cruelly stolen from you, would have held.

All our love Sal on this your special day.

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