Thoughts on your 28th birthday Sally……

On your special day, as on every other, we think about you and the unique place you will always hold in our hearts. Love and loss are unwelcome companions and the depth of our love for you is matched by the enormity of our grief. In the 2007 days since your avoidable death you have been constantly in our thoughts.

Your birth brought us incredible joy. We felt enormously fortunate to have two beautiful children. The happy times we spent as a family in your childhood are precious memories. The emotional turmoil and unimaginable pain you suffered in later years continues to haunt us.

Our horror and disbelief at the unconscionable cruelty you experienced from staff of Humber NHS Foundation Trust Crisis Team at the final “assessment” on 25 July 2014, is unabated. The subsequent attempt by the Trust to conceal the true facts appals and disgusts us in equal measure. It is incomprehensible to us that five and a half years on we are still waiting for the truth, accountability and justice. As love and grief are proportionately interwoven, so are injustice, strength and determination.

We may be down, Sal, but we are certainly not out. As you always said “Don’t underestimate my Mother!”

Love you today and forever.


x x x

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