On the 5th anniversary of Sally’s death her close friend Emily writes…….

Five years ago Sally was refused access to the care she desperately needed over the course of the week emanating in her death after being refused help for the final time on 25th July 2014. Sally was not refused help out of error or due to stretched resources, she was actively refused the treatment outlined in her care plans in what can only be described as an inhuman and sadistic manner – the details of which we only know part of yet are still truly abhorrent.

Five years on and the Humber Trust continues to evade accountability through flexing of institutional power and resources that cannot be matched by service users. Sally’s family has worked with eminent legal professionals to seek justice for Sally and to prevent others from falling victim to the same fate, an option that is completely inaccessible for most of the population. Even with the financial and intellectual resources to challenge the Humber Trust, Sally’s family have faced brick walls at every turn.

Five years on the fight for truth, justice, and accountability continues whilst others are subjected to abuse and neglect at the hands of the ‘professionals’ who displayed such contempt for Sally’s life that they actively sentenced her to death.

I may sound like a ‘broken record’ but I will not stop until something changes and mental health services are held accountable for the horrific actions that are carried out behind closed doors. I will not stop until Sally’s truth is heard. I will not stop until there is justice for Sally and all of the others who have lost their lives at the hands of mental health Trusts.

Five years on and my heart still aches for you Sal 💜

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