Progress update: PHSO, NMC and Adult Safeguarding investigations together with applications for the disclosure of information withheld from Sally’s inquest in 2014 .…more

We were allocated a new Case Investigator in May and subsequently met with him and his manager in Manchester to discuss the terms of reference for the new investigation. We had made a formal request to Rob Behrens, Ombudsman, several weeks previously, for the original report to be quashed prior to the commencement of this investigation.  At the meeting it became clear that there was some internal confusion about the status of our request, which we finally managed to clarify post-meeting by reverting back to the Ombudsman, himself.  Following a further delay we received his decision not to quash the original report. However, he has agreed to personally oversee our case and to that effect met with the investigation team last week. We are awaiting confirmation of the terms of reference.

The NMC have allocated another Investigations Officer and consideration of the three cases of the three Humber Trust nurses is now proceeding.

We have now received the draft report from Hull Adult Safeguarding Board. We met with the Chair and Manager this week to feedback our comments on the report which they have agreed to consider prior to publication of the final report.

Our pursuit of the information omitted from Sally’s inquest continues. Since the beginning of May we have had numerous written exchanges with both Humberside Police and Humber NHSFT legal departments. The Trust so far has declined all of our requests for disclosure whereas Humberside Police Legal Services Department have yet to inform us of their decision 11 weeks on.

The truth is a luxury that many cannot afford. It is very expensive, not just emotionally but also financially. As with the inquest there is no level playing field or equality of arms for bereaved families. Public bodies can procrastinate at their leisure funded by taxpayer. Bereaved families pay twice, once in their taxes and again in the necessity to fund their own legal costs, if they can afford to.  

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