Where are we now?

Five years since Sally’s death, in practical, as opposed to emotional terms, where are we now?

In summary:

Police and Crown Prosecution Service (CPS): Three years of police investigation resulted in the decision to make no charges. In December 2018, following the CPS report outlining the reasons for this decision, we requested a Victim’s Right to Review (VRR) and a new senior CPS prosecutor was appointed to examine the case afresh.  This was commenced in January 2019 and completed three months later. The original decision not to prosecute on any of the charges was upheld.

NMC: Three mental health nurses, one of whom is suspended from practice, are currently being investigated.

GMC:  The GMC is now progressing its investigations into the Fitness to Practice of the two psychiatrists involved in the case.

PHSO:  We are in the process of agreeing the terms of reference for a new investigation into our case following the previous one concluded in December 2016, which from our point of view was not fit for purpose. Our request for the quashing of the original report has been denied.

Adult Safeguarding Report: We have received the draft report from Hull Adult Safeguarding Board and met with the Chair and Manager to feed back our responses which are under consideration prior to the publication of the final report. 

Disclosure of records: We are currently pursuing Humberside Police and Humber NHSFT regarding the disclosure of information withheld from Sally’s inquest in October 2014.

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